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We also reintroduce our successful product lines with upgrades in performance and color options.

The COBRA brushes feature a unique flat that can be easily bent to a desired angle to reach difficult areas of application.

Available in standard black or natural nylon as well as our white textured nylon that carries a greater load capacity

Great for the dental industry as well as the arts community

Available in 4 colors and can be bulk packed or one gross per clear plastic container at 36 per each color banded seperately

Any color on the pantone color chart can be ordered at a minimum cost
We work daily, hand in hand, with our customers to meet their needs.
Our engineering team is constantly working on new ideas and projects.
Improving our production flow and maintaining our quality is just as important as the newest idea.
.NEW Item

Andon Brush Co. introduces several new lines each year

One of them is a re-tooled 18mm Tamper Evident cap that can now hold a standard nail polish styled brush also matched with a 1/2 oz. bottle.
Very effective for Rx treatments and OTC applications.

A larger brush is also available, call for your samples today!
We offer a wide array of filament choices and styles

Shown above is a special type of nylon with a slight crimped wave to it for greater load capacities.
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